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Demeter Fragrance Library - Nature & Weather - Cologne Collection

Demeter Fragrance Library - Nature & Weather - Cologne Collection

Product Description

Scent Name: Dirt | Size: 1.0 oz

Demeter captures the true essence of each scent. Whether it be Gin & Tonic, Leather or Angel Food, Demeter's technologically advanced fragrances allow you to scent the skin, as well as your personal space with scents that harken back to childhood memories.

-All scents are meticuolously researched
-Hand-blended in the Classic European tradition
-Contains synthetic and naturally occurring ingredients and botanical derivatives
-The perfect fragrance everyday living!

                                           Demeter Fragrance Library

 Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Demeter's "Ocean Cologne Spray"
By Dorian Charles on July 31, 2008

 Wow! Next to "New Zealand", this is my fave scent by Demeter Fragrance Library.   Super clean & fresh, this is an immediate pick-me-up scent especially on a hot summer day. Doesn't smell like any other manufactured scent I've ever experienced and it's suitable for men as well as women; a perfect unisex scent and great in all the forms they offer it in: cologne, room spray, bath & body oil, calming hand & body lotion, soap, long-burning candle ... This is also great combined with Demeter's "New Zealand" scent; they really comlement each other beautifully. This is a big-time winner!

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